MMG Celebrity Facial

Never a blemish, always smiling. An actress must be photo-ready at every moment. The best kept secret behind the smooth and rediant skin of our celebrities and super models.

Between photo shoots and red-carpet walks, an icon’s time is never her own. She belongs to the public. “Time is so precious that every single minute has to achieve something for them,” says Dr. Anna Montesa the Managing Director and Chief Dermatologists of Montesa Medical Group.

When a celebrity books a facial, those 90 minutes have to serve many masters: Make her look younger. Hide her blemishes. And, above all, be maximally relaxing. “They always have to look 100 percent perfect; there’s paparazzi around every corner,” Dr. Anna says. “There is really so much stress and anxiety involved in being a celebrity.”

1. Cleanse

Your pores want to breathe, and you want them to stay clear of oily clogs and future pimples. A deep cleansing treatment is the start of our celebrity facial.

2. Tone

Don’t skip the toner when pampering your skin. The astringent will tighten your pores and make you look younger.

3. SPECIAL Massage

Stars leave SHIMMIAN feeling blissed-out and beautiful. Her secret? A great facial massage. “Your muscles will relax, and it will stimulate the production of collagen,” says Dr. Anna. The massage moves the skull slightly, she says, chiseling your features.

4. INTENSIVE Moisturization

The secret to young-looking skin is to keep it hydrated. Moisturizer will prevent aging flakes and the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

5. Mask

SHIMMIAN has been polishing the pretty face of our many endorsers for the past twelve years. The buzz on their one of a kind treatment? Bee venom mask.

6. Treat fine lines

You get them from smiling, but they will only make you frown. Treat tiny lines around your eyes and mouth with a serum designed for fragile skin.